Cowboys win coin flip, will pick 16th in NFL Draft

BY foxsports • February 19, 2014

No, the NFL hasn't changed the team's seemingly perennial 8-8 record. But on Wednesday morning in Indianapolis as part of the draft combine festivities, the league supervised a coin flip to determine whether the Cowboys or Baltimore Ravens would pick 16th in the May NFL Draft.  

Dallas won the flip -- the Cowboys' logo coming up on the winning side of the coin -- and will begin with the No. 16 pick. The Ravens will have the No. 17 pick.

Both teams finished 8-8, but the NFL needed a tiebreaker because they also finished with the same strength of schedule. It's unscientific, but the results are valuable; if a team wanted to swap up from 17 to 16, the historic cost of doing so would be a fourth-round pick.

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