Conor McGregor's legend officially a part of folklore

BY Elias Cepeda • June 19, 2015

UFC 189's featherweight world title main event between champion Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor is generating so much hype near the mainstream that the UFC believes it will generate over a million pay per view buys. McGregor's mouth is driving a great deal of that interest but the cage feats and growing legend of the Dubliner is also inspiring underground fervor.

Folk singer King Daniel was recently moved to write a song about McGregor that doesn't just laud the number one contender, but also does a pretty good job of predicting how he could beat Aldo. "I saw a fight in a dream the other day," the lyrics of the anthem There's Only One begin.

"I saw a man who never lost get blown away
 With a left straight down the pipe
 I saw who won the fight."

As it turns out, the singer-songwriter King Daniel is an aredent MMA fan, and a longtime member of the Underground MMA discussion forum. So, it's little surprise that he was able to give a decent prediction and set it to a catchy tune. 

The straight cross is perhaps McGregor's sharpest tool, and as a Southpaw he throws it with his left. With his length, the Straight Blast Ireland team member will no doubt be looking to land that left straight right down the middle on the champion's dome. Whether or not he'll succeed and become the new champion yet remains to be seen.

There's Only One certainly paints a sure picture, however. Read all of the lyrics below, and then take a listen to an audio recording from a recent live performance of the song.

Pick whoever you want at UFC 189, but you have to admit that Conor McGregor is indeed inspiring a lot of emotion on both sides. That always makes for a fun fight.

There's Only One lyrics:

I saw a fight in a dream the other day
I saw a man who never lost get blown away
With a left straight down the pipe
I saw who won the fight
McGregor proved his might there's only one
There's only one!
There's only one!
And I heard them doubt
I heard them say
I heard them shout
He'd never beat Jose
But if you crawl, your entire life..
You'll never walk, you'll never run, you'll never fight
There's only one!
There's only one!

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