Comment of the day comes from 'Suzyteaser'

BY foxsports • November 21, 2013

In last week's NBA news and notes column, Sam Amico wrote about the problems the Knicks are facing and how star player Carmelo Anthony is taking much of the blame.

This led to a conversation among some of our readers regarding a star player's role on a team. While one player can't take all of the blame for an entire team's struggles, it should be on him to steer the ship back on course, just as reader 'Suzyteaser' points out:

I agree that [Carmelo Anthony] doesn't have the
support; however, he's
not a leader. In fact, he never was a leader. One of many attributes of a
leader is that they make people around them better. Being a star player
doesn't make you a

Well put, Suzy. If only more athletes, coaches and fans saw things this way...