Colin Cowherd explains why Rams have caused LA teams to bring in stars

July 24, 2018

With the talent level of individual athletes increasing in professional sports, the quest to be "World Champs" has become harder and harder.

However, Colin Cowherd during 'The Herd' on Tuesday brought up how teams in L.A. aren't just fighting to be at the top of their sport but are competing to be the most watched or most interesting team in L.A.

Cowherd credits the Rams move to L.A. two years ago as the reason why so many superstar athletes have been signed to L.A. teams since the Rams moved back the entertainment capital of the world.

Take a listen to why Cowherd believes the Rams have caused a rise in superstars in L.A. .........

Cowherd looked at players such as the Angels' Shohei Ohtani, LA Galaxy's Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the Dodger's Manny Machado, new UCLA head football coach Chip Kelly, Clippers executive Jerry West and most notably LeBron James' move to the Lakers as big time additions to L.A. teams since the Rams arrived.

Cowherd explained how the Clippers, Rams, Dodgers, Angels, Lakers and more could all very well be playing in October which leaves L.A. sports fans with some tough decisions on what to watch that day.

Whether it's true or not if the Rams started this movement, there is no denying the fact that sports teams in L.A. have gotten a huge influx of superstars and changed all ready talented rosters into star studded lineups.