Chargers question viability of special election for stadium funding

BY foxsports • June 16, 2015

Sorry, Chargers fans -- your team isn't long for San Diego.

Nearly a week after the San Diego mayor's office announced there would be a special election held Dec. 15 to gain voter approval for the Chargers stadium project, the football club issued a statement Tuesday that says it does not believe the vote can take place this year.

"The various options that we have explored with the city's experts all lead to the same result: significant time-consuming litigation founded on multiple legal challenges, followed by a high risk of eventual defeat in the courts," said Mark Fabiani, who serves as special counsel to the Chargers.

This sentiment comes following a third meeting between the city and the team. According to Sam Farmer of the LA Times, the two sides "could not find a way to create a stadium ballot measure for December that complied with the California Environmental Quality Act and met election law requirements."

It was suggested here last week that the city set a date for the vote to put pressure on the Chargers to make their true intentions publicly known. Well, it didn't really take long, did it?

The Chargers just poo-pooed everything the city has said of late, leaving very little hope for the future of NFL football in San Diego.

"It appears the Chargers have pulled the plug on San Diego even though the city and county have gone out of their way to try and accommodate the team," said Tony Manolatos, a spokesman for th mayor's stadium task force. "Instead of working collaboratively on a solution, the Chargers have thrown up one road block after another."

Waiting for the city to get its ducks in a row just doesn't seem feasible anymore for the Chargers. This is a three-team race for Los Angeles. If the Chargers don't make their plans known soon, it's possibly a spot in Los Angeles could go to another team -- possibly the St. Louis Rams. 

The Chargers and Oakland Raiders, as of now, are ajoined at the hip when it comes to reloacation. Rams owner Stan Kroenke wants to start construction on his Inglewood, Calif. stadium project as early as December, according to Farmer.

NFL owners will be meeting again in August to discuss the Los Angeles topic. So, we very well could know by the end of the year which team or teams will or won't be playing in L.A..

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