Cards' Rucker set to open marijuana business if Ohio vote passes

November 2, 2015

Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Frostee Rucker will keep a close eye on Tuesday's election day returns from Ohio -- the state where the Cardinals just vacated following their 34-20 victory over the Browns.

According to, Rucker is set to go into business with NBA Hall of Famer Oscar Robertson as owner of one of 10 legalized marijuana farms in Ohio -- provided Ohio voters legalize pot in Tuesday's statewide election.

Rucker told TMZ Sports that legalized marijuana would create thousands of jobs and result in substantial financial savings in legal costs spent on prosecuting marijuana offenses.

Rucker, who played for six seasons in Cincinnati, near the site of the farm, said his agent has spoken with the Cardinals the NFL about his investment and said it has no bearing on his football career.


"When I play football, I focus purely on that," he said. "I dedicate myself to my day job."

Rucker, in his third season with the Cardinals, spoke at a press conference about the business in July and said workers at the farm would be able to unionize and bargain for wages and benefits.

"Our company will be the driver of economic growth in southwest Ohio and will be an example of why respecting workers' rights is simply a good investment for our community," Rucker said.