Caption contest: Let's vote on our favorites

BY foxsports • April 26, 2013

We watched QB prospect Geno Smith, once thought to be a top-pick, tumble like a boulder into the second day of the NFL Draft. Ouch. We really feel for the guy at Laces Out. However, that didn't stop us from poking a little fun. We proposed a caption contest on Thursday night and after many of you submitted some gems, we're gonna vote on the five best. And here they are: 1. Toad Walls — (Bangs Head on Table) EJ Manuel, EJ Manuel, EJ Manuel, EJ Manuel, OMG! 2. Adam Woods — Oh no! Now I might actually end up on a decent team! 3. Thomas Ridley — Wall flower again; well at least I was invited to the party. 4. Curt Olson — Dang, I think I left my lights on at home. 5. Bob Baldwin — I should have known Don King was not an NFL agent.... Make sure you vote BELOW.

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