Cam Newton has perfect response to question on socks-and-sandals fashion taboo

BY Brett Smiley • February 4, 2016

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton wore some loud, black and gold Versace pants when he stepped off the plane in California on Monday, wore a fox tail on his side during the season, and generally does fashion as he pleases.

On Thursday, Newton took the podium again during Super Bowl week when he fielded a question about a historically frowned-upon style: The pairing of socks with sandals. First a look at Cam's feet.

Then the question from a Wall Street Journal reporter.

For those without audio, Cam responded: “Why are you wearing jeans with shoes?”

What a wonderful response. Why wear a tie with a tuxedo? How about wearing white after Labor Day? Why wear underwear ... at all?

Incidentally, the WSJ ran a story in Sept. 2015 on professional athletes titled, "I’ll Be Darned, Wearing Socks With Sandals Is Fashionable."

“Some Germans like to wear socks with their Birkenstocks,” Markus Kuhn, a New York Giants defensive lineman from Germany, stated in the piece. “Not all Germans know how to dress well.”

Well, many humans across the world don't know how to dress well and some simply don't care how they look as long as they're comfortable.

And some simply pair socks with sandals because they Cam. 

We're talking about fashion, people!

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