Brewers' Axford breaks Valentine's Day curse

BY foxsports • February 14, 2013

Is Valentine's Day cursed for John Axford?

Most folks associate the holiday with flowers, candy and the like, but the Milwaukee Brewers closer explained to reporters at the Brewers' spring training complex in Arizona on Thursday that he hasn't had such a positive experience with Feb. 14.

In 2010, Axford was involved in a 50-car pileup in Nebraska and his trip to spring training was delayed by a couple of days.

The next year, Axford got a bad case of food poisoning on Valentine's Day that caused him to lose 15 pounds and miss a significant portion of spring training.

And last year, Axford's son had a passport issue and wasn't allowed into the United States from his home in Canada despite being a US citizen. The holdup again prevented the pitcher from getting to spring training.

So, did Axford hide in his room on Thursday? Not really — because he believes the St. Valentine's Day hex had already done its damage in 2013.

"Before we left (Canada), we had a very large house problem that I can't get into, it would take way too long," Axford said. "We had to delay our travel a day because we had a major issue. We had a hole in our yard about 4 feet deep and 5 to 8 feet wide."

With the headache of contractors and home repairs a few days in his rearview mirror, Axford was good to go about his business on Thursday.

"This year, I'm hoping to avoid something," Axford said. "So far, so good."

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