Bloomberg report: Dodgers are worth $2.1 billion

BY foxsports • October 23, 2013

Amid all the postseason angst regarding their manager, the Dodgers can take comfort in this news: They're still one of the two most valuable franchises in Major League Baseball.
The Dodgers are valued at $2.1 billion, according to a Bloomberg report, ranking behind only the New York Yankees. The Yankees' estimated value is a whopping $3.3 billion.
The average value of a major league franchise is $1 billion, more than 35 percent higher than previous estimates, according to Bloomberg.
The Angels rank eighth on the list with a value of $1.09 billion.
The Dodgers were purchased in 2012 by Guggenheim Baseball Management from Frank McCourt for $2.15 billion. Since then, they have spent freely and had a player payroll of $230 million at the start of the season. They also invested heavily in a number of improvements at Dodger Stadium, including a new home clubhouse.
But their biggest current crisis remains unresolved. Manager Don Mattingly has a guaranteed contract for next season, but team management has yet to decide if it will offer him a longer deal.
Although general manager Ned Colletti said a decision on Mattingly would be made quickly, Major League Baseball has a moratorium on teams making announcements during the World Series. Teams are typically allowed a window during off-days.
Rounding out the top five on the Bloomberg list of franchises were the Boston Red Sox, $2.06 billion; the New York Mets, $2.05 billion; and the Chicago Cubs, $1.32 billion.