Bills find a delicious way to welcome Rex Ryan to Buffalo

BY Sid Saraf • January 13, 2015

Welcome to Buffalo, Rex Ryan!

The Buffalo Bills' new head coach arrived in town Tuesday, and the organization made sure to provide him with a warm welcome. A truly warm welcome. Take a peek:

Interesting that the Bills didn't go with buffalo wings. Get it? Because they're in ... Buffalo, yes.

And what in the world was used to make the greeting on the pizza? From here it looks like a combo of olives and frosting. Bill Hanstock from SB Nation cracked the case, as he spoke with Dave from La Nova, the restaurant that provided the pizza.

"I spoke with Dave at La Nova Pizzeria in Buffalo, who was able to confirm that the toppings on the pizza were 'all edible.' The blue and red frosting-looking components are ricotta cheese that was dyed, while the letters are indeed spinach. Mystery solved!"

Well, alrighty then! So, tell me: Would you eat that?

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