Bengals players banned from Twitter

BY foxsports • July 28, 2012

If you're a Bengals fan, you might be wondering why your favorite players have not been tweeting lately.  There's a reason.
Bengals head coach Mavin Lewis has ordered his team to refrain from using social-media tool Twitter, casting doubts on the maturity level of some of his players.
“I think people have to have the maturity and the wherewithal to be able to handle it,” Lewis said. “Thus far, what I have experienced since April is we don’t have the maturity to handle it. I don’t see how tweeting is going to help us win a football game. So it’s part of being selfless right now. It’s not best for our football team to be involved in that. It’s best we just take care of ourselves and not announce what we are doing or not doing and commenting on what’s going on in other spots. Let’s just be football players.”
Last week, rookie cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick tweeted news regarding his knee injury, a topic that the Bengals had wanted to stay quiet about.
“The guys that are the leaders of this football team see no need for it, so they handle it,” Lewis said. “I don’t see the need for it right now because I don’t know if we can distinguish the difference (between team business and personal business). It’s not a big deal, just the guys on the team, the older guys, the veterans say why do we need to do it? What is it keeping us from doing? The main thing for us is to win football games, and if it’s getting in our way then we don’t need to do it.”
Does anybody think that this would have been impossible to enact two years ago, when Chad Ochocinco was a Bengal?
- Jeff Seemann

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