Beach Boys to perform at Dodgers home opener

BY foxsports • April 3, 2012

I don’t know where, but they send you there … to Dodger Stadium?

It’s true, there is an odd, commercial, but hopefully still wonderful marriage of two Southern Californian icons about to transpire.

The Dodgers and the Beach Boys are attempting to merge 50-year anniversaries, complete with a mini-concert before the home opener, and naturally, co-branded merchandise.

Still, these are the Beach Boys, the most iconic of all West Coast rock bands, if not the most iconic American rock band. They have officially reunited with legendary songwriter Brian Wilson this year and put together an ambitious international tour.

And now as part of all that, the Beach Boys are scheduled to perform prior to the sold-out home opener April 10, followed by their rendition of the national anthem. There is also a “Beach Boys Night” scheduled on May 18, sans the actual band but with recorded music. Maybe they could make up some bobbleheads.

The Dodgers are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Dodger Stadium this season, and it was also in 1961 that the Hawthorne band’s first single – “Surfin’ ” – hit the charts on the old KFWB. They would go on to record more than two dozen Top 40 hits.

The Dodgers’ news release announcing the “season-long partnership” with the Beach Boys, included a quote from that legendary rock god, Tommy Lasorda.

“The Dodgers are so pleased to share our golden anniversary with another California icon,” Lasorda said. “Singing the national anthem any time is an honor, but especially on opening day. I am looking forward to their performance.”

In a stunning development, the Dodgers also announced they are teaming up with the band to license official Major League Baseball merchandise. And what do you know, but this co-branded merchandise will be available starting opening day.

Maybe a statuette of Wilson at the piano, in his old living room sand box, wearing a Dodgers-themed Hawaiian shirt?

So maybe Dodger Stadium and the Beach Boys is a tad cutesy, but it still works for me. Think I’m getting excitations.

--Steve Dilbeck

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