Bautista calls Rangers 'cowardly' after getting hit by pitch

May 15, 2016

Jose Bautista took some hits and punches during the game in Texas on Sunday. 

The Toronto Blue Jays star was hit by a pitch from Matt Bush in the eighth inning before the brawl ignited.

After the ugly scene was over, Bautista fired back at the Rangers. 

"I didn't really think it would cross their mind to do something like that," he told reporters after the Rangers' 7-6 win. "But I guess it shows a little bit of their colors.


"I thought it was pretty cowardly of them to wait until my last at-bat to do that. It shows at least the apparent lack of leadership they have over there when it comes to playing baseball the right way."

Texas manager Jeff Banister dismissed any idea that Bustista was hit on purpose. 

"I'm not going to entertain the thought that it was anything other than we're trying to get outs," Banister said. "To think we're going to put the tying run on base on purpose, I'm sorry."