Baseball chat wrap with John Halpin

BY John Halpin • July 25, 2009

John Halpin Fantasy Baseball Chat (07/01/2009) 



10:56 FOX Fantasy:  Good morning, everyone! John Halpin will be here shortly, but feel free to submit your questions early so we can hit the ground running when he arrives!

11:01 John Halpin:  Howdy, folks. Take a break from the Nats-Fish barnburner, and let's chat for awhile.

11:02 FOX Fantasy:  

Our first question of the day. Mike from Redondo Beach wants to know: How long should I hold on to Jake Peavy? He's taking up valuable space on my DL.


11:03 John Halpin:  

I read this morning that he's going to stay "immobilized" in his walking boot for at least another 10 days. How fast do you think he'll be able to recover his ace-ness after NOT BEING ABLE TO MOVE HIS FOOT? My guess is 2010. Bye, Jake.

11:04 FOX Fantasy:  Kevin from Atlanta asks: Is Casey McGehee for real?

11:05 John Halpin:  

I doubt it ¿ what he's done in 114 at bats with the Brewers is completely out of character with anything he's done before. Sell high, young man.

11:05 John Halpin:  He did hit a nice grand slam against the Mets the other night, though.

11:06 FOX Fantasy:  Matt from NY wants to know: Joba Chamberlain's numbers aren't bad, but I keep hoping for more from him. What's his deal?

11:07 John Halpin:  

I have no idea. I'm a big Joba-as-starter guy, but it is infuriating to watch him pitch. He nibbles like he throws 82 mph. I still think it's going to happen for him, but I don't know if it'll be this year. With that said, a 3.89 ERA isn't exactly terrible.

11:07 John Halpin:  BTW, my man Jordan Zimmermann is throwing another good game for the Nats. He's owned in 4 percent of leagues around here. Go get him - I'm telling you.

11:08 John Halpin:  

5 IP, 2 ER, 6 K, 0 BB. AND an extra "n" at the end of his name.

11:08 FOX Fantasy:  Chuck from Durango, CO asks: Chris Davis - drop him or keep him? I'm tired of his 0-fers.

11:10 John Halpin:  Can I use the "it depends on who else you can get" cliche, Chuck? Davis Ks too much to have a good BA, and it's *possible* that the Rangers will get fed up and send him to the minors. But he's better than a .202 hitter, and still has tons of power. I'd hang in a little longer.


11:12 FOX Fantasy:  Tom from Warren, OH has a bunch of questions: I have Ben Zobrist as shortstop. Should I keep him or pickup barnes, feliz or hairston jr.? I've had problems with shortstop and there isn't a variety. pPlease help a fantasy lover. I'm new at this but I love it. I'm afraid everyones one up on me. please help. Also, would you trade Ichiro for Span from minnesota or trade BJ Upton for him whos producing more?

11:13 John Halpin:  

Tom - owning Zobrist is like finding a $100 bill in a trash can at the mall. Be happy with what you have (which is great), and don't try to find something better. I think he's for real.

Would you want Ben Zobrist as your starting SS?
 ( 50% )
 ( 50% )

11:15 John Halpin:  I like Ichiro - it's hard not to. I LOVE B.J. Upton, as evidenced by the fact that I write something about him three times a week. His second half is going to be awesomer than awesome.

11:15 John Halpin:  I don't like Span so much - there are 50-60 fantasy OFs (or more) better than him.

11:16 FOX Fantasy:  

Gary from Indiana has an open-ended question: Do you have any buy-low recommendations right now?

11:17 John Halpin:  

Can you still get J.J. Hardy, who's batting .333 with a couple of HRs over the last week and a half? If so, he'd be my first suggestion. He could have a big second half. He averaged something like 25 HR/77 RBI/.275 BA in 2007-08.

11:19 John Halpin:  And have I mentioned Jordan Zimmermann since 11:08am PT?

11:19 FOX Fantasy:  Joe from Seattle is thinking football: I'm in a keeper league and have to drop one of the following three - Tony Romo, Maurice Jones-Drew, Braylon Edwards. Which one should be axed?

11:20 John Halpin:  Of that three, you'd have to drop Braylon. MJD keeps proving me wrong, and he whacked Fred Taylor so he can get all the carries. Romo puts up big numbers. Braylon might, but the other two are better bets.

11:21 FOX Fantasy:  Brad Pitt (presumably taking a break from filming) is checking over his fantasy roster: What is Carlos Beltran's value? Looking to get a starting pitcher back for him?

11:22 John Halpin:  Brad - thanks for stopping by. I thought you were great in Thelma and Louise. I don't think Beltran has much value until he gets back on the field and starts to play well. Sit tight for now.

11:22 FOX Fantasy:  Nathan (In a thieving mood) asks: Should I continue to start BJ Upton just for stolen bases?

11:24 John Halpin:  Nathan - Bossman Junior has four homers in the last two weeks. You should start him for all things. Also, thanks for giving me a reason for writing about him twice in one chat. Anyone for #3?


11:25 FOX Fantasy:  Our boy Smith wants to know: I need to find some players to raise my batting average and stolen bases - who are the best available to help me out?

11:26 John Halpin:  Here's a BA suggestion: Placido Polanco is usually a .290-.300 hitter, but he's currently at .259. His BA will likely get better.

11:29 John Halpin:  As for steals - tons of options. Andrew McCutchen has some upside, right? He's 19 percent owned.

11:29 FOX Fantasy:  Jason wants to know: My outfield has BJ Upton, Andre Either, Adam Lind, Manny, Nelson Cruz and Johnny Damon. Who should I drop? I need a decent utility that can play the infield. Which ones are still available in a lot of leagues?

Which of these OFs would you drop first?
BJ Upton
 ( 33% )
Andre Ethier
 ( 0% )
Adam Lind
 ( 33% )
Manny Ramirez
 ( 0% )
Nelson Cruz
 ( 0% )
Johnny Damon
 ( 33% )

11:30 John Halpin:  Jason - for the first part, I'd probably drop Lind (first choice) or Damon. I like both guys, but they're not as good as the others.

11:31 John Halpin:  As for utility guys - didn't you read my "All-Versatility" column a couple of weeks ago? COME ON, JASON! Seriously, Ian Stewart qualifies at 2B/3B/OF on, and he's owned in 21% of leagues. No-brainer.

11:31 John Halpin:  You missed the boat on Zobrist (80%), unfortunately.

11:32 FOX Fantasy:  Carey Hart asks: What's appropriate value for Jimmy Rollins? I'm thinking either an outfielder or closer?

11:33 John Halpin:  Closers are a dime a dozen - wait for the Nats to crank through one or two more guys before trading Rollins for one.

11:34 John Halpin:  Outfielders? Hmm ... he'd have to be pretty good. An Alex Rios type, maybe? I'd still rather keep Rollins, though.

11:34 John Halpin:  Ricky Romero has two pickoffs today. Weird, huh?

11:35 FOX Fantasy:  Hector asks: Any word on Adrian Gonzalez? What's the latest?

11:36 John Halpin:  Nothing since last night, so stay tuned. If it's bad, I'll post a blog entry today. If it's anything else, I'll tweet it ( Stay positive, Hector.

11:36 John Halpin:  By the way, can you imagine the Padres' lineup without Gonzalez? I think I could bat fifth.

11:37 FOX Fantasy:  Carlos from Oakland: What's up with the Raiders QB situation? I can't see Jeff Garcia being happy as a backup, but isn't it time for them to have JaMarcus Russell earn the huge contract they're paying him?

11:38 John Halpin:  Yes, it is time ... unless they're convinced Russell is a huge bust. Would Al Davis stand for a West Coast QB like Garcia? I think not.

11:39 FOX Fantasy:  Johnny Baseball (nice name) asks: Jayson Werth or Vernon Wells? Which one is your choice starter right now?

11:40 John Halpin:  

Werth. I just overheard the entire editorial staff start chanting "OV-ER-RA-TED!" when Wells' name appeared on the screen.

11:40 John Halpin:  Vernon makes a lot of money, though.


11:41 FOX Fantasy:  Sam asks: Rank these three please - Carlos Lee, Adam Lind and Johnny Damon

11:43 John Halpin:  Lee's hammy appears to be hurting, so I'd go Damon, Lee, Lind. I think Lind is going to level off a bit, but I still like him.

11:43 John Halpin:  Damon might score 1,000 runs in that lineup slot.

11:43 FOX Fantasy:  

J.D. is playing in a different fantasy league: Since this is fantasy talk: Megan Fox, or Angelina Jolie?


11:45 John Halpin:  Fox, without question. When Transformers is on HBO - which is just about every day - even my wife stops to marvel at how hot she is.

11:46 John Halpin:  Look at that picture up there! I might need to take a five-minute break ...

11:47 FOX Fantasy:  James wants to know: Is Zimmermann with two N's better than anyone in my rotation of: Cueto, Ubaldo, Braden, Buehrle, Oswalt, Richmond, and Peavy (DL)?? If so, should I drop one of these for him?

11:48 John Halpin:  

James - I'd take Zimmermannnnnnn over Braden, Richmond and the one-legged Padre. He's really good, but there will probably be some rookie bumps in the road.

11:49 FOX Fantasy:  Aric is thinking trade: I have both Derek Jeter and Jason Barlett. I want to trade Jeter for Erik Bedard. Do you think think this is a good trade for me?

11:49 John Halpin:  I wouldn't do it, Aric. Jeter might slow down, but his numbers are terrific, and Bedard is an injury worry. I think you can do better.

11:50 John Halpin:  What about trading high on Bartlett?

11:50 John Halpin:  By the way, if you want another underrated starter, check out the game Brad Bergesen is throwing against the Sawx today. He's been VERY consistent. Poor, poor man's Greg Maddux,

11:51 FOX Fantasy:  We have time for a few more questions. Please get them in while you still can! Ross from Dallas wants to know: I'm in a league where yardage doesn't matter, only TDs. I have the first pick in my draft on Saturday. Adrian Peterson or Michael Turner ... who will rush for more scores?

Who will rush for more TDs in 2009?
Adrian Peterson
 ( 67% )
Michael Turner
 ( 33% )

11:53 John Halpin:  I'd go with Mr. Turner, Ross. It's close, and Peterson is awesome, but Turner scored 17 rushing TDs last season to Purple Jesus' 10, and I think he's be the better of the two in that category again.

11:54 John Halpin:  Holy run-on sentence, Batman...

11:55 FOX Fantasy:  Bruce Lee (not really) asks: What is Grady Sizemore's trade value when compared to another OF?

11:56 John Halpin:  Bruce - let Grady start to rack up the numbers again now that he's playing. Then, if you still want to deal him, convince your potential trading partner that he's still one of fantasy's best five players. If that doesn't work, keep him.

11:56 FOX Fantasy:  Marc from Charlotte asks: Who is Tampa's real closer - J.P. Howell or Randy Choate?

11:56 John Halpin:  

Rays closer? Sorry - I was looking at the Megan Fox picture again.

11:57 John Halpin:  

Howell, mostly. Choate might get some more lefty-on-lefty situational saves, because his manager isn't a slave to conventional wisdom (thank goodness). I think Howell gets 12-15 more saves this season.

11:58 FOX Fantasy:  

And finally, Heather, Angelina Jolie, and Megan Fox all have the same question: Hi honey, what's for dinner tonight?

11:59 John Halpin:  Hey - Heather's my wife? I'll probably pick up some wings from Hooters - which coincidentally sponsors's FREE Fantasy Football Draft Guide.

12:00 John Halpin:  Note to editors: How'd I do with that one? Too obvious? Ah. whatever.

12:01 John Halpin:  That's all for me today - I appreciate the questions. Please keep reading my baseball blog every weekday morning, and e-mail me anytime at See ya!

12:01 FOX Fantasy:  Thanks for stopping in, everyone! We're sorry if we didn't get to your question today, but please stop by next week at the same time, same place for more fantasy chat. Mike Harmon will answer your questions ... see you then!



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