Ball used in Deflategate game being sold at auction

BY Sid Saraf • June 18, 2015

Are you a fan of famous controversies? Do you have at least $25,000 lying around? Then maybe you can own a piece of NFL infamy.

A ball that was used in the "Deflategate" AFC Championship Game between the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts is being sold at auction, according to a report from ESPN's Darren Rovell.

The ball in question was carried by Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount when he scored on a 13-yard touchdown run in the third quarter. Blount dropped the ball in the end zone, but it was picked up by wide receiver Brandon LaFell, who then handed it to a waiting fan.

"LaFell picked up the ball, I pointed at him, he pointed at me and he handed me the ball," the fan said. "It was all so surreal."

That ball could have been one of the ones found to be underinflated by the Patriots, according to an NFL investigation. The balls were inflated back up to the proper levels at halftime and then put back into circulation.

The ball is being sold by the auction site, which describes it as so:

"Ball is an Official NFL gamer featuring imprint of Roger Goodell's facsimile signature and most importantly referee Walt Anderson's initials in gold Sharpie. The ball also shows "PATRIOTS" faintly imprinted in black just below the seam under the NFL shield. The historical importance of this piece cannot be understated. It is the most "topical" piece of sports memorabilia that we can recall ever being sold so close to the event itself."

"This is a 'wow' type of collectible," founder Joshua Evans said. "This is one of the best conversation pieces that has ever been sold. I could see this ball getting six figures."

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