Aztecs QB Chapman recovering from thumb surgery, will miss reps at spring practice

February 24, 2017

With rumors that San Diego State football will add a fifth-year graduate quarterback this offseason, the Aztecs’ current starter under center Christian Chapman will need to work fast in proving his worth under center this offseason.

Unfortunately for Chapman, he won’t lay a finger on a football until after spring practice. Well, he won’t lay a thumb on the ball, at least.

Chapman underwent surgery earlier this offseason to repair a thumb injury he suffered in the Aztecs’ 34-10 win over the University of Houston in the Las Vegas Bowl. Though he did return to the game with tape wrapped around his thumb, SDSU head coach Rocky Long confirmed he is not ready to fully participate in a press conference on Friday.

“He will be out there but won’t be able to take a snap or throw a pass,” Long said. “He’s not ready to go, yet.”

With Chapman limited to mental reps and conditioning, the Aztecs will roll into spring practice with sophomore backup quarterback Ryan Agnew taking a majority of the reps.

Sophomore punter Neil Boudreau will also take snaps under center given that Chapman and Agnew are the only two quarterbacks listed on the current spring roster. Though Boudreau played quarterback at Irvine University High, he should switch his focus back to punting once Chapman returns under center barring an unforeseen circumstance.

Long also said some of the graduate assistants and other younger coaches will test their luck as scout quarterbacks to keep Agnew and Boudreau focused on the offensive side of the ball.

“It will be a little different, a little strange but we’ll get through it,” Long said.

The Aztecs will press forward without added help at quarterback until summer 2017, as freshmen quarterbacks Cam Roane and Mark Salazar will not join the team until they have finished high school. And, if SDSU were to add a fifth-year graduate quarterback, he too wouldn’t see the Mesa until this summer.

Until then, Chapman will work to fend off his incoming competition from the sidelines.