Asante Samuel expects Philly cheers, not jeers

BY foxsports • October 25, 2012

Cornerback Asante Samuel has been pointing to his Week 8 return to Philadelphia for months, and the former Eagles star expects the warm, welcoming crowd at Lincoln Financial Field to embrace him in his new Falcons uniform. "They better cheer for me," Samuel said to reporters in Atlanta, according to "They're going to cheer for me or we're going to have a problem right there in Lincoln Financial [Field]. All you all fans, all I did for you all, you all better cheer for me. Deuce here. Got nothing but love for you all." But does that loving feeling extend to Andy Reid, the coach who shipped a four-time Pro Bowl defensive back to Atlanta for next to nothing, a man under fire who just sacked his longtime pal, former defensive coordinator Juan Castillo, and made him the fall guy for the 3-3 team’s defensive struggles? Empowered by his place on an undefeated Falcons team, Samuel took to Twitter this week and sent what was widely interpreted to be a cryptic message to his former head coach. "Sometimes you have to blame yourself. You can't try and always point the figure at someone else," Samuel tweeted. Naturally, Samuel was asked about the tweet. “You all assumed that was about Andy," said Samuel, who was traded for a seventh-round draft pick. "I didn’t say this is for Andy. I just make a quote and then another quote and everybody said that was for Andy. You all did that." Um, OK. But hey, this is Samuel’s week to gloat, and he went staight there. The Eagles’ struggling defense probably misses him, he told reporters. "It’s kind of hard when 22 ain't there," Samuel said, referring to his jersey number. "Twenty-two keep things going for you. You just to deal with it. You make you bed. You got to deal with it.”

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