As it likely comes to a close, relive the Ryan Fitzpatrick era with this fantastic lowlight reel

BY Sports Illustrated and Kenny Ducey/Sports Illustrated via Extra Mustard • December 30, 2016

The Jets were a raging inferno of sadness in 2016, and it was all thanks to Ryan Fitzpatrick.

This bearded crook somehow convinced the Jets to give him $7 million this season—approximately $7 million more than I would have given him—and he rewarded them with a string of downright putrid play. If he was James Chadwick Pennington in 2015, then he was freaking Brooks Bollinger in 2016. Maybe even worse than Mark Sanchez during his lowest points in New York. He gave the Jets no chance to win week to week, and probably set the team back by blocking Geno Smith and Bryce Petty from getting valuable playing time.

A 66.4 passer rating. He threw for 2,500 yards with 10 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. He threw six interceptions in one game. He lost six fumbles.

Jets Twitter is probably one of the best, most woke communities around. One blog made a great lowlight reel set to “My Heart Will Go On.”

I needed this. Somehow, that season of depression was all worth it, I think. Mostly because the Jets will have a nice draft choice, but partly because of this video. It’s beautiful.

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