Arian Foster says UT boosters gave him '40, 50 grand,' then backtracks

BY Jimmy Traina • January 30, 2015

Foster has been open in the past about taking money during his time in college, but during a radio interview with ESPN's Dan LeBatard, Foster explained how things went down for him between 2005-08 while Philip Fulmer was head coach.

"You have people help you out here and there," Foster said. "Boosters and alumni and ex-players, they all know how it is, man. It's hard living check to check when you don't have enough money to go out to the movies or any kind of leisure activity. And you're not allowed to get a job. Especially when I was in college, they were a lot more stringent on those rules, so at any given chance I got the opportunity, I took a free handout. Absolutely."

This caused Vols fans to quickly lash out at Foster, who took to Twitter to explain and defend himself over the course of several tweets.