Announcing Saturday Show on NBC Sports Radio Network

December 18, 2012

Starting Saturday January 5th, lots of y'all who live outside of Nashville will get the chance to hear me on your local radio stations.

Run for the hills!

That's because I'm adding a nationwide show with NBC Sports radio network from 8-11 central time, 9-12 eastern. 

I'll still be doing 3HL from 3-6 every weekday here in Nashville, but this new show will give me a chance to expand the audience. We'll be airing in 180+ markets. You can find the list of stations here.  You can also stream it through the computer and on your phones as well.


The first show on January 5th, 2013 will be from Miami just a couple of days in advance of the BCS title game, so it's the perfect time to launch.

During college football season I'll do the morning show several times from big games and I'm hopeful that y'all will listen as you head to your games. The goal all year around will be the same as it always is, be entertaining and make the time pass as quickly as possible. 

My NBC Saturday show will run until the end of August 2014 when my deal with 104.5 the Zone is up.  

At that time, I'll hit the open radio market as a free agent and see what the future holds. I'm looking forward to figuring out what my options are, especially given how quickly Outkick is growing.  With the continuing growth of Outkick -- thanks in large part to y'all sharing our articles and taking ownership in the site's success as well -- and blockbuster 3HL ratings that are continuing to grow I'm very confident there are going to be a lot of cool opportunities out there.

Anyway, I hinted that there would be upcoming positive announcements last week. 

This is the first.  

Stay tuned for more upcoming announcements, but in the meantime I hope y'all will listen on Saturday starting in just over two weeks.

And, to reiterate, nothing is changing on 3HL. Just tell Cumulus to break out their checkbook.

Thanks for reading and listening to such a laughing stalk.


You'll be able to stream the show here.


Here's the official press release from NBC.