All natural: LeBron's barber talks about his infamous hairline

BY foxsports • June 13, 2015

Finally, the news every sports fan has been waiting for, the truth behind Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James' hair.

It. Is. Real.

At least according to his barber, Nick Castemanos.

In a recent article by Yahoo Sports, Castemanos said he is tired of getting asked about the hairline of his most famous client.

"There is no dye. No additives. No preservatives," Castemanos told Yahoo Sports in a phone interview Thursday. "Everyone thinks he's dying his hair using [temporary hair colorings] Bigen or Black Ice. It's all his hair. They still don't believe me. I get Bigen comments all the time."

After years of questions, Castemanos says he's become numb to all the speculation and is tired of hearing it.

"I've become numb to it. It used to bother me. It's not easy to hear that."

The 29-year-old barber began cutting James' hair when he was playing for the Miami Heat, and the two have been together ever since. Castemanos even left Miami and came to Cleveland when James returned to the Cavaliers.

"LeBron said, 'Hey Nick, I really think you should come to Cleveland to work for me,' " Castemanos said. "I didn't give him an immediate yes or no. But his mom said, 'You better take it.' "

According to his barber, James is quite meticulous about his cuts.

"LeBron is very tedious about how his hair is cut," Castemanos told "The beard is the No. 1 thing. He leaves the top up to me. I leave him less bald. He's my guy.

"He's my hardest haircut. He has good hair. You have to cut it right. He just has a few fat patches around the chin that you have to take your time with. You have to have patience. It usually takes about 50 minutes."

Well, there you have it, LeBron James' hairline is hanging on by a thread, but it's all his real hair.

Take it away Mr. Costanza.


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