Alabama, Wisconsin to play in '15 Classic

March 20, 2013

There are lots of good reasons for Alabama to play a Big Ten team at Cowboys Stadium. The last time Alabama tried it (last season), the Crimson Tide destroyed Michigan in one of the most high-profile inter-conference games of the season.

It also exposes Alabama in a state where the Tide traditionally has not had much of a footprint and, therefore, has the potential to damage a conference rival (Texas A&M), and it allows Alabama to strengthen its schedule without having to play a true road game.

So Wednesday's announcement that Alabama will face Wisconsin in Dallas in 2015 is not surprising, even if it is exciting.

"Today's announcement of the matchup continues a college football tradition of bringing two top college programs to Cowboys Stadium on Labor Day weekend to kick off the college football season," a release from the Dallas Cowboys read.

The event is technically known as the Cowboys Classic. This year it hosts LSU and TCU and next year pits Florida State and Oklahoma State. The Crimson Tide beat Michigan 41-14 last September on the way to a national championship. Wisconsin, meanwhile, represented the Big Ten in the Rose Bowl.