BOA makes proposal to end 2012 Olympics dispute

BY foxsports • April 7, 2011

The British Olympic Association on Thursday presented a proposal to the organizers of the London 2012 Games to end their financial dispute.

BOA Chief Executive Andy Hunt met with London organizing committee CEO Paul Deighton two days after suspending a legal challenge against the 2012 body at the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

The cash-strapped BOA is disputing its share of revenue from the games, but the International Olympic Committee has already ruled in favor of the 2012 organizers, known as LOCOG.

''The BOA did present a proposal to LOCOG - we are not going to comment on the substance,'' BOA communications director Darryl Seibel said. ''Further discussions will take place in near future.''

The BOA has been pushing for a greater share of any surplus from the 2012 Games. The body is entitled to a 20 percent cut under a joint marketing agreement signed in 2005, but claims that the potentially money-losing Paralympics should not be taken into account.

The International Olympic Committee and LOCOG insist that the cost of both games should be counted, as they have been in the past.

London 2012 organizers described the meeting as ''amicable.''

''The BOA talked through a proposal, we took that away and will have further discussions with them,'' the body said in a statement.

Hunt and BOA chairman Colin Moynihan are barred form attending LOCOG board meetings as a result of the dispute.

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