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BY foxsports • July 24, 2012


As part of our comprehensive coverage of the London Olympics, The Associated Press will offer a frequently updated feature called ''Eyes on London'' - a short-form file of lively, insightful text bits from AP journalists covering the games.

The ''Eyes on London'' updates, each generally between 75 and 200 words long, will be crafted by AP journalists with interesting observations and details to share from an Olympic venue, a London street or even an athlete's hometown on the other side of the globe. Together they'll provide a running flow of content, color, updates and commentary that can sit alongside AP's text, photo, video and interactive content and offer your readers a high-energy entry point to the scene and events in London.

''Eyes on London'' will be distributed over AP's news and sports services starting Tuesday, July 24, and will expand to become a round-the-clock feed on Friday, July 27, the day the Olympics officially begin. You can expect to see multiple updates each hour for most of the time, with somewhat fewer items during the overnight hours in London. The file, which will appear in reverse chronological order and contain about 10 to 15 hours of material, will also be updated frequently with fresh AP photos.

The content of individual updates will range from urgent news developments to colorful observations by AP journalists to quotes and details gathered from all around London and, at times, from other places where the Olympics are being watched with interest. Some of the items will focus on individual competitions and athletes, though the feed isn't intended to serve as a results wire; other entries will look at the host city, cultural tidbits, security concerns or any other topic connected to the games.

The keyword line for the file will be BC-OLY--Eyes on London.

Some examples of how you can incorporate ''Eyes on London'' into your Olympics coverage:

- As a standalone Olympic feed on a website or mobile or tablet app that you know will always be current.

- To incorporate into your own content in an Olympics blog or special section of your site or app, either comprehensively or selectively.

- As a destination where you can direct readers through social media channels. (It will be possible to link to the entire feed, though not to individual items.)

We welcome your questions about ''Eyes on London'' to Ted Anthony at tanthony(at)ap.org, Ian Phillips at iphillips(at)ap.org or Eric Carvin at ecarvin(at)ap.org.

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