Montreal Canadiens: Carey Price Stare Outrage Much Ado About Nothing

BY Fansided and Kenny MacMillan/FanSided via A Winning Habit • December 17, 2016

The Montreal Canadiens came out flat in a 4-2 loss to the San Jose Sharks leading to “The Glare” seen ’round the hockey world. It was more overblown than most things that happen in Montreal and should be forgotten.

The Montreal Canadiens played their first game in four days last night. They clearly forgot to show up on time and must have thought it was another night off. Playing host to the San Jose Sharks who made it to the Stanley Cup Final last season is not a good time to play awful for forty minutes.

The Sharks took full advantage of the Canadiens lousy performance. By the end of 20 minutes it was 3-0 Sharks and they made it 4-0 early in the second period. Al Montoya would replace Carey Price at that point in time.

The Canadiens dominated the play after the goalie change. While Price faced 18 shots in less than 27 minutes of action, Montoya only saw five in more than half of a game. The Habs were able to close the gap to two, and the final score of 4-2 made the game appear closer than it really was.

    All anyone could talk about after the game (well, for the second half of the game as well) was Price’s reaction to being pulled. When he skated off the ice, Price glared down the bench at his teammates who didn’t show up to play.

    If you didn’t see “The Glare” it looked a lot like this:

    It was an obvious sign from the Canadiens goaltender that he wasn’t happy with the team’s performance. The team was being run out of their own rink and there was no reason for them to be playing poorly. They just had three days off and war home the whole time. It’s not like they are in the midst of a long road trip or a difficult part of the schedule.

    “The Glare” was discussed at length on twitter, with some unreasonably comparing it to Patrick Roy’s demand to get out of town. Though it is impossible to tell from the video, many jumped to the conclusion that Price was staring down head coach Michel Therrien.

    There is no way to tell if that is who Price was staring towards as he headed past the bench and into the dressing room. It is far more likely he was glaring at his teammates who were performing so poorly in front of him.

    Price is a proud guy and the best hockey player in the world. He clearly doesn’t appreciate being hung out to dry and look bad in front of 23000 Canadiens fans in the Bell Centre.

    And hey, isn’t Price the leader of this team? After he displayed his emotions to the team, they were excellent for the rest of the game and made it close with an incredible effort in the third period.

    Price sent a message and it was well received. He will be back between the pipes for the Habs tonight, but I bet we see a much better 60 minute effort in front of him. “The Glare” was simply a rare display of emotion from the incredibly calm goaltender.

    Let’s not make it more than that. Sportsnet analyst John Shannon was the voice of reason in a night filled with irrational comments. He said there was nothing more to discuss aside from the fact Carey Price was a little angry.

    Let’s just leave it at that, and expect the team to one out with a better effort tonight.

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