Maple Leafs to wear special 'St. Pats' throwbacks in March

February 21, 2017

No, you don't need to adjust your monitor -- the Toronto Maple Leafs are going green for St. Patrick's Day.

The Leafs unveiled an updated version of their throwback "St. Pats" uniforms on Tuesday and announced that they will be wearing them for their contest against the Chicago Blackhawks on March 18 -- the day after St. Patrick's Day.

At this point, it might be tough to imagine the Leafs in anything other than their typical blue and white, which is understandable considering they've stuck with that scheme for the last 90 years.

But before the club was named the Maple Leafs, they were known as the Toronto St. Pats and donned green and white jerseys from 1919-1927. The new throwbacks are based off the uniforms the team wore from 1922-1925, though they're a bit more modernized with green pants and green gloves. The last time the Leafs wore St. Pats throwbacks, they tried to replicate the original look with brown pants and gloves and it wasn't exactly fantastic on the eyes.

It'll be a cool change of pace for the Leafs and their fans, though it's not yet known if the team plans on making this a recurring trend moving forward.