Being married to Carrie Underwood isn’t easy

Published Sep. 3, 2013 1:00 a.m. ET

Apparently being married to Carrie Underwood involves chipmunk hunting, being bitten by said chipmunk, driving with a tiny dog on your lap and being called pet names.

Those thee things alone may be the only downfalls to being married to Carrie Underwood, though. Nashville Predators forward Mike Fisher is the man who is lucky enough to call Underwood his bride, and so he’s left to take care of those other things.

All of those came together this weekend during an adventure at the Fisher-Underwood (or is it Underwood-Fisher?) residence. A pesky chipmunk invaded the home of the Nashville power couple, and tried to wreak havoc. Fisher was having none of that.

With Underwood documenting the hunt on Vine, Fisher showed off the hand-eye coordination that’s helped him score more than 200 goals in his NHL career.

The capture didn’t come without a price, though. The chipmunk was able to bite Fisher after being captured, a small price to pay in order to keep the wifey safe. “Mikey,” as Underwood affectionately called him, appeared to be OK in a second video in which he showed off the bite, as he drove down the street with a tiny dog in his lap. See it all below.