Worst Super Bowl XLVII commercials

Published Feb. 3, 2013 12:00 a.m. ET

The power may have gone out at the Superdome in Super Bowl XLVII. But unfortunately (at least in our opinion), it didn't keep these 10 ads from airing. Click on the commercial title to watch it.

Go Daddy, “Sexy Meets Smart”

The look on Bar Refaeli’s face after kissing nerd/character actor Jesse Heiman in this commercial pretty much sums up how everyone else probably felt after watching it.

Budweiser, “Black Crown”

A bunch of Goths drinking a “new” Budweiser beer? This? From the company that gave us the Bud Bowl? Somewhere Billy Bud and Bobby Bud Beechwood are crying in their, well, beers.

Volkswagen, “Come on Get Happy”

A white guy with an outrageously bad (not to mention borderline offensive) Jamaican accent apparently made the makers of this commercial very happy. He just made me very annoyed.


Calvin Klein, “Concept”

Apparently, Calvin Klein’s big “concept” was to put a guy with six-pack abs in underwear.

Toyota, “Wish Granted”

A genie emerges from a Toyota to grant a variety of wishes to a family. If you can get past the randomness of a Rav4 subbing for the lamp in this updating of a classic tale, the humor involved (hapless dad gets repeatedly stiffed) fits right in with CBS’ primetime lineup.

Axe, “Nothing Beats an Astronaut”

Lifeguard saves woman from great white shark by repeatedly punching it, only to lose the girl to a guy wearing an astronaut suit and sporting hair by Axe. I don’t really need to explain why this was awful, do I?

Wonderful Pistachios, “Get Cracking”

So not only did we have to endure a completely inane commercial in which Psy sings about pistachios, but Gangnam Style’s 15 minutes have been officially extended. Thanks a lot, Wonderful Pistachios.

Beck’s, “Sapphire”

Not sure when beer companies found the need to name their products after precious metals and gems. Also not sure if an animated fish singing about the virtue of an adult beverage was the best way to spend $4 million.

Oreos, “Quiet Riot”

This library may be the only place on earth where the great “cookie or cream” debate is taking place. Fortunately, it was easy to tune out because they were whispering.

Pepsi Next, “Let’s Party”

Kids, you can totally get away with having a rocking party while your parents are gone if you’re serving Pepsi Next. Of course, the commercial doesn’t account for the likelihood of actually having a rocking party if you’re serving Pepsi Next.

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