Will Smith's dad forgives killer, is 'not interested in his trial'

April 13, 2016

The father of slain New Orleans Saints great Will Smith says he forgives the man who shot and killed his son, and is "not interested in his trial."

"Whatever the Lord is going to do to him is what the Lord is going to do," Will Smith Sr. told ABC-11 News at his home in Durham, N.C.

The 34-year-old former defensive end and his wife were shot in a road-rage attack late Saturday night in New Orleans. The shootings took place during an argument that occured during a fender bender involving Smith's SUV and a Hummer. Smith died behind the wheel while his wife, Racquel, was wounded in the leg. Cardell Hayes, 29, was arrested and charged with second degree murder. 

Hayes' lawyer has said Smith was the aggressor, which prompted his father to speak out.


"My son got out of his car with a loaded mouth, he did not get out of his car with a gun. This gentleman purposely got out, he never walked back to his car when he was out, never walked back. When my son turned his back, he shot him in the back," Will Smith Sr. said. "Then he walked up on him and shot him again, and then when his wife started yelling we have babies, he shot her. Now somebody in public, in society, please tell me where that was not murder."

Smith was shot eight times, including seven in the back, police said.

"Do I forgive the gentleman who shot my son? Yes I do. Am I going to forget him? Hell no," Will Smith Sr. said. "I'm not interested in his trial. Whatever the Lord is going to do to him is what the Lord is going to do."