WATCH: Fan finds Tom Brady autograph in candy box, is brought to tears

October 28, 2015

A young Patriots fan getting Tom Brady's autograph is like a 16-year-old unwrapping a new car on their birthday. If that's hard to believe, watch this video.

Brady shared a video last week to reveal that he hid autographs in 50 buckets of UnReal Candy at local Whole Foods markets, and this young fan found one. Needless to say, he was overcome with extreme amounts of happiness, and even shed a few tears of joy.

As mentioned in the comments, Zac, the young fan, carried the slip of paper around all day -- and who wouldn't? The first store Zac's parents went to were sold out of the candy, but in Brady-like fashion, they didn't give up. The second store had buckets in stock, and lo and behold, one had Brady's autograph in it.

As the future Hall of Famer wrote on the note, "Everything is possible."