Watch Cam Newton grant a Christmas wish for young Auburn fan with severe heart condition

BY Andrew Lynch • December 27, 2016

Depending on your particular football perspective, you might not be a fan of Cam Newton — but there's no doubt the Carolina Panthers quarterback goes out of his way for the children.

From handing the ball to youngsters in the stands after touchdowns to inspiring one young Panthers fan to offer a special trophy after his devastating Super Bowl loss, the former Heisman Trophy winner at Auburn simply has a bond with kids. So when 10-year-old Taylor Deckard, a young Tigers fan with a severe heart condition, made a big wish for Christmas, Newton was happy to oblige:

Deckard's reaction is too perfect: a moment's hesitation as the reality sinks in, then a lunge into a hug that lasts seemingly forever.

Newton might not be playoff-bound this year, but he's still spreading joy to fans this holiday season. Thanks to the 2015 NFL MVP and the Auburn Tigers for sharing this touching moment.

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