Urlacher's status still up in the air

March 20, 2013

Marc Trestman understands that Chicago Bears fans anxiously want to know whether iconic middle linebacker Brian Urlacher will be returning for a 14th NFL season.

Unfortunately for them, Chicago’s new head coach doesn’t have an update.

Urlacher remained unsigned Wednesday as Trestman spoke with the media Wednesday morning at the NFL owners meeting.

The fact Urlacher hasn’t gone to another team eight days into the free-agent signing period could be an encouraging sign that he will ultimately return to Chicago. Asked whether he felt that was the case, Trestman said, “I wouldn’t have an answer for that.

“It’s something I’m not concerned about,” Trestman told me and co-host Jim Miller on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “It’s a process. We’ve evaluated Brian. We think he can help us win. Phil (Emery, Bears general manager) is doing everything he can to work through this process with Brian and his representatives. I know we’re going to do what’s best for the organization when it’s all resolved. We just have to let things take its course.”

Urlacher, 34, has forged a Hall of Fame career since being a 2000 first-round draft pick in Chicago. Urlacher, though, has struggled with injuries in recent seasons and his productivity dipped in 2012. He missed the final four games last season with a hamstring injury as the Bears (10-6) failed to make the playoffs for a second straight season, leading to the firing of head coach Lovie Smith.

Trestman understands why Bears fans are anxious to see the Urlacher situation resolved.

“These things have gone on since the history of football,” Trestman said. “I do recognize how important this is to our fans and the city of Chicago. I recognize this is a difficult time for them not knowing. I respect that, but I trust the process. I’m comfortable with it.

“It will get resolved when it’s supposed to get resolved.”

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