Tom Brady on his potty mouth: Don't blame me, blame the TV cameras

BY foxsports • December 8, 2014

In the heat of the moment, Tom Brady has a potty mouth.

Brady has been clickbait material for blogs and Twitter users in recent weeks when cameras have caught him ranting and raving on the sidelines, dropping F-bombs left and right.

The most recent example came Sunday night when the New England Patriots quarterback stomped up and down the sideline, cursing like a sailor in an attempt to get his team going. The cameras caught it all, and Brady's unsavory word choice was clear, even to the most novice of lip readers.

Brady admitted Monday in a weekly interview with WEEI's "Dennis and Callahan" show that while maybe he'd like to clean up the language, it's not really his fault it gets shown on national TV.

"I wish I did have a better mouth out there at times, but there's nothing that quite expresses the way I feel like that word," Brady said Monday morning on WEEI. "It is, it is (a great word), especially in the heat of the moment. ... Blame CBS and NBC for putting it on TV. Don't blame me.

"We're not choir boys, I know that. You bring us up to a certain level of intensity to the game, your job is to go out there and physically, emotionally, mentally dominate the game. You don't do that at church on Sunday. You've got to go to the football field for that."

Brady and Patriots beat the San Diego Chargers on Sunday night in front of an amped-up Qualcomm Stadium crowd that featured plenty of Patriots fans. Brady was one of the handful of Patriots who appreciated the support in supposed enemy territory.


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