Titans tailoring offense with Mariota in mind

Published May. 4, 2015 11:24 p.m. ET

While there were questions during the predraft process about whether quarterback Marcus Mariota would be able to successfully adapt his game from a spread offense to a pro-style system, the team that drafted him said they're prepared to change along with their new QB.

Tennessee Titans general manager Ruston Webster said Monday the team has already began tailoring its offense to maximize the talents of their first-round pick.

"Our coaches have been working on a plan for quite some time now for Marcus," Webster said, according to NFL.com. "Really to adapting our offense to his skill set -- he has a special skill set. There's really not much he can't do from physical standpoint and he's very bright. That combination is going to allow him to do his own adapting to the NFL game but our coaches have worked very hard on coming up with a system within our system for Marcus. I think it will work well."

According to the report, the Titans believe the Heisman Trophy winner won't have an issue taking snaps under center or reading defenses, two things he wasn't asked to do in college at Oregon.

(h/t NFL.com)

Photo credit: Jim Brown/USA Today Sports