'The Herd': Leinart says Whisenhunt has trouble adapting as head coach

November 3, 2015

Matt Leinart played three seasons under Ken Whisenhunt in Arizona.

After Leinart's NFL career ended, the former USC star and Heisman Trophy winner has been largely critical of his former head coach with the Cardinals. When news dropped that Whisenhunt had been fired in Tennessee on Tuesday, Leinart said on Twitter that rookie quarterback Marcus Mariota now "has a chance."

Leinart, shortly after, called in to "The Herd" to clarify his thoughts to Colin Cowherd.

"I'm not bitter," Leinart said. "I think he [was] a fairly large reason why I wasn't successful as I wanted to be, but I've been very public and very open that I didn't do as much as I should have as well. I have taken full responsibility for my lack of success in the NFL."


Leinart went on to say that Whisenhunt isn't a great head coach because he can't adapt to the several different personality types in the locker room. The former quarterback, who was drafted No. 10 overall in 2006 and played six seasons in the NFL (2006-09 with Cardinals, 2011 with Houston Texans, 2012 with Oakland Raiders), noted that Whisenhunt is better as an offensive coordinator, where he doesn't have to control the entire organization.