'The Herd': Does your city get picked for an NFL team in Colin's draft?

BY foxsports • January 30, 2016

On "The Herd" Friday, Colin Cowherd conducted an NFL draft of cities -- in other words, going 1 through 32 picking sites for franchises. The results? If you live near New York, Los Angeles or Chicago, you're going to like it. People in Green Bay, Jacksonville and Detroit, not so much.

Cowherd goes big throughout the draft, especially at the top, where the top five includes New York, Los Angeles and Chicago -- with the first two getting picked twice. In fact, Chicago also comes up for another franchise later in the round, and then the New York region lands a third team when New Jersey is included.

Where would Cowherd put teams that don't currently have them? For one, welcome back, St. Louis, plus he also listed San Antonio, Toronto, London, Las Vegas, San Jose, then, tossed off at the end of the round in devil-may-care fashion, Cabo San Lucas and Madrid. 

For those keeping score, current sites left out include Buffalo, Carolina, Cincinnati, Detroit, Green Bay, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Oakland, San Diego and Tennessee.

Colin's on the clock in the video above.