The 49ers have bark and bite this season ... literally, with their emotional support dog

October 21, 2019

The undefeated 49ers are 6-0 this season. The last time they had a 6-0 record? 1990. A key to San Francisco's success: An emotional support dog.

At the beginning of the season, San Francisco adopted a French bulldog named Zoe.

The blueprint, or rather paw print, is laid out for you, NFL teams: adopt an emotional support dog. The 49ers play like top dogs on the field because they can play with a dog off the field.

Zoe spends her time cuddling and playing catch like her fellow teammates. She's earned herself a spot on the roster and even has her own Instagram, where she's posing with players.

This dog is an absolute treat for the 49ers ... and she deserves all the treats.

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