That Dak-Romo Thing, Again

BY Sports Illustrated and Gary Gramling/Sports Illustrated via MMQB • December 15, 2016

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If you missed Monday’s show, breaking down Week 14, it’s right here! As for this week’s Look Ahead...

This week’s Look Ahead show:

• “Dak vs. Romo Again,” or, “As the Jerry World Turns” — 0:55

• Patriots at Broncos: Why the Pats needed Gronk in this matchup more than any other. Denver’s offensive struggles, and Demaryius Thomas’ nightmare. — 7:44

• Titans at Chiefs: Can a rocky Mariota and an underwhelming WR group win against K.C.’s stellar secondary? How the Chiefs will cope without Derrick Johnson, and breaking down the Titans’ breakout D. — 19:12

• Colts at Vikings: Vikes’ O-line finally has a chance, shorthanded Colts O needs to bounce back — 27:21

• The Mailbag (Are Falcons gonna be one-and-done? And what do they need this offseason? How good can this young Steelers D become? Should Colts target Leonard Fournette in the 2017 draft? Would a Goff-McDaniels pairing work? Just how good is Green Bay’s O-line? Is David Johnson the best non-QB in football?) — 33:50

• Our boldest predictions for Week 15 — 49:13

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