Teammate fine with 'meathead' Gronk

BY foxsports • February 12, 2013

Rob Gronkowski has received his fair share of criticism for his outrageous partying so far this offseason, but one Patriots veteran doesn’t find fault with Gronkowski’s behavior.

Logan Mankins has been a constant on the Patriots’ offensive line for eight seasons and has been an offensive captain for a few years now. He offered up his take on Gronk’s offseason antics so far, explaining that he’s fine with the shirtless dancing and the wrestling display in Las Vegas, according to Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston, as long as no one is getting hurt.

“As long as he’s not getting DUIs and doing things that are against the law,” Mankins said of Gronkowski. “I don’t think he’s hurting anyone.”

Mankins wasn’t omitting Gronkowski from that statement, either, as he is worried about the tight end reinjuring himself.

“Hopefully he doesn’t hurt his arm. Then that would be bad,” Mankins said before adding some colorful commentary on his teammate. “Gronk is a big meathead that likes to party and play football, so I think that’s what he’s doing.”

While former Patriots Willie McGinest may not agree with Mankins, Gronkowski's off-field highlight reel keeps growing and growing. No matter the subject, you can be sure that Bill Belichick is cringing at the sight of every new “Rob Gronkowski” headline.

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