Super Bowl MVP Von Miller donates SUV, $25k to Texas police and fire departments

BY Cameron DaSilva • July 8, 2016

Two police shootings this week led to a violent protest in Dallas on Thursday night where five officers were killed by a sniper and seven others were injured. Videos of the shootings went viral as anger and hate were spread across social media, while others pleaded for the violence to stop.

On Friday, however, Denver Broncos pass rusher Von Miller took the liberty to make a very generous donation to the DeSoto Police Department, the city where he graduated high school. Miller gave the police department a custom SUV and wrote a $25,000 check for the fire department.

He also visited the station and signed autographs for those in both departments.

It doesn't need to be said, but this was an extremely kind gesture from the Super Bowl MVP and DeSoto High School graduate.

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