Sterger says she never met Favre

BY foxsports • April 12, 2011

Jenn Sterger, the former New York Jets game-day hostess involved in the Brett Favre "sexting" scandal, said in an interview that aired Tuesday on ABC's "Good Morning America" that she never met the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

In the first of a two-part interview, the former model and television personality said the closest she ever came to meeting the granddaddy gunslinger was as they passed each other in the stadium tunnel on game days.

Sterger also said at first she had no clue who was behind the propositioning phone messages and lewd photographs, and that it was only after some time went by that she realized it was Favre.

"Whenever I would reply, it was more to try to figure out who I was interacting with," Sterger said in her first interview since the scandal broke last October. "It was the same number, always. The texts, the pictures. The voicemails. There was no actual, 'Hey, Jenn. It's Brett.'

"It was all context clues... They would always give me the pieces of the puzzle," she added. "Forty years old. Gray hair. New to the team. That only fits a few guys on the team... No, only one guy on the team.

"I always noticed that he was looking at me in the tunnel. I just had that gut feeling. I really did," she said.

Sterger said her attempts to seek advice on how to handle the advances always yielded a similar response.

"They said, 'Jenn, do you like your job? Well, if you like your job, and you want to keep it, I'd suggest you just be quiet. Do your job,'" she said.

She went on to say she attempted to distance herself from Favre's alleged advances, but the aging quarterback was persistent.

"He was like that guy at the bar that just could not get the hint," she recalled.

Sterger, 27, has maintained a low profile since the story broke in October.

Deadspin published the messages and an alleged photo of the quarterback's genitalia, which he allegedly sent while both were working for the Jets in 2008.

Favre later admitted to leaving Sterger voice messages but denied sending her the photographs. The NFL fined the 41-year-old gunslinger $50,000 in December for a lack of cooperation in its investigation, but did not determine that he violated the league's conduct policy.

Sterger filed a lawsuit in March against her former manager Phil Reese for the return of materials related to the scandal, which were reportedly intended for use in a tell-all book.

In an interview Sunday with the New York Post, Reese confirmed that he has turned down several offers.

Reese said he and Sterger together turned down $300,000 worth of offers, many of which Reese ruled out because he thought they were bogus offers, or publicity stunts.

Sterger maintains that she was never interested in profiting from the scandal.

"I haven't made a dime off anything in this whole situation. Not from the pictures. Not from Favre. I never wanted to sue anyone. That was never an intention of mine," she said. "I'm not a gold-digger. The only way I wanted to make my money this whole time was to just have a job."

Sterger's last working role was as a co-host on "The Daily Line," which aired on Versus. The show was canceled in November after just seven months.

Favre officially filed retirement papers with the NFL in January following the completion of his 20th year in the league.

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