Skip Bayless says Pats could go 16-0, but there's one big problem

BY foxsports • September 28, 2016

Skip Bayless is high on the New England Patriots. He predicted they'd go 3-1 without Tom Brady, and they can top that by beating Buffalo on Sunday.

And with Brady coming back in Week 5, Skip thinks it's not too early to start talking about going 16-0.

"The best quarterback in pro football is about to return. The best pass rusher on the New England roster, Rob Ninkovich, is about to return," Bayless said Wednesday on "Undisputed".

However, Shannon Sharpe says Skip is "ridiculous" for assuming the Pats will weather their injury woes, and that even if they somehow get to December without a loss, there's a big roadblock: a Dec. 18 matchup at Denver.

Brady is 2-7 at Denver in his career, including two losses last year. But Skip sees a way the Pats win this one.

"This time he goes back with far more weapons. This time I'm hoping that his offensive line will be far healthier than it was in the AFC title game last year at Denver," Bayless said. "And this time I'm thinking that Tom Brady can beat Trevor Siemian. That's what I think. He couldn't beat Peyton Manning, but I think he can beat Trevor Siemian this time."

Shannon reminded Skip that he thought the Pats would win the teams' second matchup last season after Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola missed the first.

"They scored more points without all those guys than when they had 'em on the field!" Sharpe said.

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