Skip Bayless: Every NFL GM would take Ezekiel Elliott over Le'Veon Bell

BY Nick Schwartz • December 14, 2016

If general managers around the league were able to build a team from scratch, which running back would they choose to be the star of the team? According to Skip Bayless, it's not a tough decision.

"This isn’t debatable to me. Ezekiel Elliot is in another category, another echelon, from Le’Veon Bell. He’s just as big, he’s faster, he’s quicker, he’s more explosive, he’s more all-around athletic, he’s more take-it-to-the-house dangerous.

I think, if you did a poll of GMs, that it would be across the board, 32 to nothing, they would take Zeke going forward over Le’Veon."

Elliott certainly has some clear advantages, and perhaps most importantly, he's three years younger than Bell, who has already been through four NFL seasons and a torn MCL. Zeke, however, has the benefit of running behind the best offensive line in football. Shannon Sharpe says he'd take Le'Veon Bell, who is a far more dangerous receiver.