Seahawks, Broncos prepare for cold weather in their own way

January 27, 2014

Weather has been the popular talking point coming into Super Bowl XLVIII.

Both teams went about preparing for the elements differently on Monday.

The Broncos conducted their workout outside, opposed to using the Jets'€™ indoor facility, according to ESPN via Pro Football Talk.

The Seahawks, on the other hand, decided to practice indoors, Pete Carroll said. The Seahawks head coach also noted that they won'€™t be intimidated by the cold temperatures on game day, as they come from the Pacific Northwest.


"We play in an area that has inclement weather occasionally, so it's not something we're bothered by," Carroll said. "The normal issues arise, you know the ball being a little bit harder to handle and the wind blowing, things like that do change the factors somewhat, but for us it's no big deal."

The Super Bowl forecast is a high of 36 degrees with possible snow showers, according the AccuWeather. It appears that the idea of a Super Bowl blizzard will need to be put on ice.