Schaub denies confronting fan at home

BY foxsports • October 8, 2013

Texans quarterback Matt Schaub denied that an irate fan "berated" him at his home this week, following a report that Houston police were called to his home.

Schaub said some people have recently begun driving by his home and taking photos, causing him to call NFL security. He acknowledged contacting security about the drive-by photos, but denied a report of a fan going to his door and shouting obscenities Tuesday night.

Schaub said despite the incidents, he's happy at his home and has no plans to move to a gated community. He was troubled by the situation and acknowledged being worried about the safety of his wife and three young daughters. But he said there's a simple solution to ending the harassment.

''It's the world we live in,'' he said Wednesday. ''There's passionate fans out there for better or worse and I understand that ... you hate for it to come to that because we're better than that as a society and a community. But it's the nature of what we do. The only thing that can correct that is going out and beating the St. Louis Rams this week.''

Sports Radio 610 reported that police responded to a call from Schaub's house, where an angry fan confronted Schaub and took pictures of his family, which allegedly were posted on Facebook. But Houston Police said they never were called to the home, though a family member reported a "suspicous male in the driveway of the residence."

Teammate J.J. Watt said he also has had fans show up at his home.

"Yeah, a couple times every week I get people that stop by my house," Watt said Wednesday. "It is different every time, sometimes it is just a knock on the door… sometimes they will just sit outside my house, sometimes they'll follow me home, sometimes they will be waiting in the driveway."

Schaub on Sunday set an NFL record by throwing an interception returned for a touchdown in his fourth consecutive game, enraging a fanbase that entered this season expecting the Texans to make a run at the Super Bowl. Instead, they're 2-3, with Schaub's interceptions being the biggest turning point in each loss.

On Sunday he threw three picks and was benched as the Texans were routed 34-3 by the 49ers. However, Coach Gary Kubiak says he's sticking with Schaub, though he acknowledged it was a "tough decision."

Fans' fury has been growing, with one burning a Schaub jersey and a restaurant offering a Schaub "pick-six special" burger. The QB has responded to the hate by deactivating his Twitter account.

At least things have improved on the burger front. A Houston restaurant is offering free burgers to anyone named Matt on Oct. 12 in an effort to change Schaub's bad luck.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.