Ryan Tannehill got a QB tutoring session from professor Peyton Manning

May 9, 2016

Future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning hasn't joined an NFL broadcast team as many had expected he would but apparently he's not too far removed from the game.

Gase served as Manning's offensive coordinator in Denver in 2014 (and his QB coach before that) when the Broncos set the all-time record for points scored in a single season with 606 (37.9 average).

Meanwhile Tannehill was supposed to take the Great Leap Forward in 2015 in his fourth season in what turned out to be a disappointing campaign in which the Dolphins (6-10) lost 7 of their final 10 games and Tannehill finished 21st in QB rating among qualified passers.

If and when Manning comes back to offer his counsel again, Tannehill will have a better handle on the playbook.


The Dolphins also added tackle Laremy Tunsil in the (bizarre) first round of the NFL draft to fortify the offensive line.