Report: Patriots worry teams will try to frame them by planting bugs in locker room

October 31, 2015

There’s no paranoia quite like NFL paranoia.

The report Friday morning that the New York Jets requested the NFL sweep the visiting locker room in Gillette Stadium for bugs was much ado about nothing, but ProFootballTalk had an interesting nugget about the New England Patriots’ own concerns.

Teams reportedly have long feared the Patriots’ visiting locker room is bugged, so New England has attempted to take steps to prevent opposing teams from framing them.

“As one source has explained it to PFT, the Patriots have become concerned that a team eventually will plant bugs on its own and claim that the Patriots put them there,” ProFootballTalk reported Friday. “This has prompted the Patriots to ask the league to certify before each game that the visiting locker room is clean before an opposing team enters. Per the source, the NFL has declined to do this.”


If bugs ever are found in the Patriots’ visiting locker room, the NFL should take blame for not taking them up on the request.

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