Report: Man hit with life sentence for killing friend over Super Bowl bet

BY foxsports • February 5, 2016

A seemingly innocent Super Bowl bet turned fatal.

The San Francisco 49ers lost Super Bowl XLVIII to the Baltimore Ravens back in 2013. And because of that, Eddie Roberson apparently lost a $700 bet to his close friend Talif Crowley. Days later, Roberson reportedly shot Crowley six times on a New Jersey street. Crowley died from his wounds.

On Friday, Roberson was reportedly sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of murder and weapons offense on Dec. 16.

"I'm glad he got what he got," Crowley's mother, Audrey Crowley, told "He deserves every bit of it and more."

Superior Court judge Alfonse Cifelli called out the "brazen and cold-blooded" crime and said that the nature of the offense indicates Roberson would be highly likely to offend again. Cifelli also said that Roberson "has expressed absolutely no remorse for his actions" and "continues to accept no responsibility for the death of Mr. Crowley."

Roberson, a 31-year-old Newark resident, must serve 64 years before he is eligible for parole, according to the report. He has maintained that he did not kill Crowley.

According to Essex County Assistant Prosecutor Adam Wells, this whole thing started when Roberson and Crowley made a bet at a Super Bowl party over who would win the game. Roberson took the 49ers and Crowley had the Ravens.

Two days later, Wells says Crowley spotted Roberson and two others while driving in Newark. Wells said that Crowley got out of his car and Roberson angrily confronted him over losing the bet. A witness heard Roberson say "they cheated my team" just before he started shooting.

Wells added that when Crowley extended his hand to shake with Roberson, the latter pulled a gun and opened fire. It appeared that "losing the bet seemed to be the motive."

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