Ravens' winning FG not easy call

Published Sep. 23, 2012 1:00 a.m. EDT

A chaotic Week 3 NFL Sunday afternoon seemed to appropriately conclude with an even more chaotic, and controversial, Sunday night.

Was the game-winning field goal in the Baltimore Ravens’ 31-30 win over the New England Patriots good or no good? Don't ask me because it's impossible to tell.

Here is the rule: In order for a field goal that crosses over the top of the upright to be good, the entire ball must pass inside the outside edge of the upright extended.

In other words, draw a line straight up extending the outside edge of the upright skyward. If the entire ball passes inside that line at the exact point that it is directly over the upright, then the field goal is good.


Did it? I don't know and that is precisely why this play, this field goal, is not reviewable. There isn't any technology at this point that can show precisely when the ball is directly over the upright. That is why the NFL’s competition committee made this aspect of a field goal not reviewable.

The best look is from the official standing directly under the upright, and it is likely to remain that way.

Oh, and about Bill Belichick grabbing the official who was running off the field? He will soon be grabbing for his wallet, too.

The NFL has warned coaches to lay off the replacements. I'm sure the league will discuss suspension for Belichick’s contact with the official, but I think the NFL will settle for a big fine.